Launching Your Digital Disruption

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Just speaking the phrase digital disruption out loud make business leaders queasy. The want to cover their ears, denounce the messenger, run the other way. Except there is nowhere to hide. Even worse, times running out for established companies who have hoped to dodge the digital bullet. All industries either are or will be affected. 

In KPMG Internationals latest edition of their CEO Outlook Summit, a majority of the 1,300 CEO who responded present two key finding. The first is the next three years will deliver the greatest disruption to business we have ever seen. the second is that organizations can choose to disrupt their organizations or be disrupted by a small group of kids in a garage. 

Whether you get your news in print, from a media site or in your social feed, sometime today you' hear about digital winners or losers. Lately, it is more about losers than winners.   

Where to Start

With all the choices of platforms, programs, and Apps it's easy to become overwhelmed. Use the list below to find a starting point that fits your operations and culture.

  • Look for the clipboards. Rarely do they contain handwritten information. A closer look reveals computer generated forms. The overhead, effort and time involved in printing, distribute, inputing data, and process the results require brute force. Replacing clipboard with tablets eliminates effort, cost and produces better results in a fraction of time requires for manual processing.
  • Extend the process outlined above target procedures that are hampered by bottlenecks. If a technology asset is underperforming, an investment in staff training will increase the value the asset. Eliminate any technology that is in search of a reason for being.
  • Measuring business performance is a well-defined element of successful management. The lack of a digital performance measurement standard creates an opportunity to hold your technology investment to a higher standard. Measure your tech investment to a revenue and profitability benchmark. Web traffic and clickthroughs are a poor standard of financial performance.   

Despite decades of hype and a bouquet full of rosy performance projections, technology is limited to a very short list of ways it can be used to create value for your organization. Connect the dots between highest use and what you're attempting to accomplish.

  • Extend Your Reach - Growing your customer base to new or under-served markets can be accomplished via social engagement, event management, and online publishing.
  • Build a Community - Using social media to demonstrate your commitment to those you serve best creates fiercely loyal customers and transforms them into brand advocates.
  • Speed - The Internet has built an expectation of instant gratification. Responding to prospects and loyal customer in real-time is the new standard for customer satisfaction. 
  • Mass Marketing to Individuals - At no time in history have so many known so much about everyone on the planet. Leverage big data to build a personal relationship with every customer.

Digital disruption is real. It'a happening now and the pace is quickening. By the year 2020, all industries will feel the impact. While they all will survive, the same can't be said for all of the organizations within these industries. Denying digital disruption is not a strategy for survival, let alone growth. For more than a quarter

Denying the existence of digital disruption is not a strategy for survival, let alone growth. For more than a quarter-century the experts at Leverage Unlimited and guided clients through revolutions and evolutions.

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