With No Direction Home - The Case for Landing Pages

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It's a scrap of a lyric from a classic from Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone". It starts playing in my head each time I see a social post without a link to drive traffic to the organization's website. I've heard the justification for not linking to your site or linking to valuable content from other publishers. The irony is it's often shared by the same folks who wish they could increase the traffic to their website. If you are seeking a position online as an influencer or expert, it's time to deliver your own intellectual property (IP). Here's why.

You owe it to your followers. Photos are nice, but after a while it begins to feel like vacation syndrome. I'm glad you had fun, but I didn't get to go. If you create a link that leads to something I can learn, I'm engaged. If all I see is a photo, I'm gone. 

I won't remember you. If you share a link that leads away from you or your web presence, I will forget the source. I can't even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

A photo leads to a limited engagement. If I click the image you shared and all I get is a bigger image, I've already seen it twice. I may add a comment, but that's about the extent of it. Seems like a lot of work for so little engagement.

Delivering Value to Those You Serve Best

Developing unique content you deliver directly to your community creates value, builds trust, and top of mind awareness. Here are some quick content ideas for a successful landing page.

  • A blog post a new development in your customer's world. Create value by including your two-cents worth.
  • A news page covering the local angle on a national story.
  • A customer success story.
  • An update on your hours of operation.
  • Your new menu items.
  • Today's special
  • A short page with tips on how to receive more value from a purchased product

Landing pages bring prospects as well as loyal customers closer to you when you can't be there in person. What will you publish on your landing page?