Is Your Customer Journey an Obstacle Course?

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If the sound of the word "Digital" causes you pain, you're doing it wrong. With all the hype surrounding the latest app, or really cool software, it's no wonder business owners are overwhelmed by technology. If the thought of posting a social update, or writing a blog post makes you dizzy, this post is for you.

Leveraging simple, inexpensive technology you may already have for more sales requires only three simple steps. Creating loyal customers starts with discovering your firm, building a relationship of trust, then engaging in a one-to-one conversation with them. Established companies already have a head start. Their existing customers. If you are one of those lucky souls, the process starts with rediscovery. How long has it been since you connected with them? If it's been more than 30 days, it's time to reconnect.


Take a look at your customer database. Do you have email addresses? If so, great! If not, create an event or special offer (something you would normally offer is fine). Create a direct mail postcard with a link to visit your site to request this special offer. Now you have the email addresses and returning customers. Now you can use email announcements and social posts to stay in touch with current customers and reach out to prospects. 

Build a Relationship

The folks at Tide build a strong relationship with their loyal customers with a landing page. It creates value for customers without making a pitch for the product. What could you publish on a landing page to create value that would build a better relationship with your prospects and customers? Yes, it's that simple.


Once prospects and former customers have discovered you, and you've built or reestablished a relationship with them, the next step is easy. All it takes is a written invitation. The customer journey is nothing but inviting those you serve best to take a single step. Stop long enough to see your post on social. The invitation is a link to the landing page. After you've created value and built a relationship, you create a link at the bottom of the landing page to Learn More. These small, easy steps allow future customers to get comfortable with you. They help your existing customers keep your business in mind.

Quick tips to creating the Perfect Customer Journey

  • Create a link from your social posts that lead to your website. Pick a page that creates value for those you serve best.
  • Review each page on your site. Make sure each page ends with an invitation to visit another page. We call it a Call To Action (CTA).
  • Make it easy to connect with you. When you include the phrase, "Call us" don't forget to add your phone number immediately after.