Adapt Technology to Meet the Human Need

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I don't even have the words to express my love and appreciation to my girlfriend Deborah for such an amazing birthday week. She planned something special for each day. I was greeted with a card and announcement every morning. She is an expert at Adapting Technology to Meet the Human Need. Love you, Deb!

Jackie Dorst coined the Leverage Unlimited motto in the title above It appeared out of the blue during a client conference called The Gathering, back in 2014. Making humans a priority over machines is more than a strategy, it's a principle. My business life has been built on that principle. I preach about it all the time. I've must to admit, I wasn't sure if anyone was listening. Then the birthday celebration began. 

The first greeting arrived via Facebook from Scott Friedman all the away from Kuala Lumpur. Then slowly across the globe, both close to home and from afar. Al Bagocius produced the most moving tribute by quoting a client testimonial from my friend Phillip Van Hooser in Princeton Kentucky. Phil posted in almost 10 years earlier. I received warm wishes across all channels. I had no choice but to reach out and reply. I am grateful for the gift of connection I received. Wow, just wow.

I was reminded in a most marvelous way the importance of the connection vs the channel. At no other time in history have we has so many tools and methods to meet the human need for connection. My community gave me a gift of connection, and I am grateful.

Making the Community Connection 

Who do you need to connect with today? Take a moment, lean back where ever you are at this very moment. It's not cheating and perfectly legal if you switch to your contact app and scroll down to find the one person you have let slip away. My gift to you is a simple request. Reach out to them. Yes, right now. Call, text, message, whatever it takes. Don't be surprised if they hesitate. I promise they will be astounded that you reached out without a having a need, simply just because.

Some people define present as a place. I define present as a point in time. When you use your digital tools to connect in the present, there is no distance between two hearts. Happy Valentines Day my friends.