It's Official: #Hashtags are Worthless

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Don't take my word for it. Media monitoring site just published the definitive word in the 2018 edition of The Twitter Engagement Report. Mention works with heavyweight brands like Microsoft, AirBnB, Mercedes, and Adobe. After collecting valuable data and insights from studying more than 700 million Twitter posts and profiles, they summed it up in just 8 words, "In general, hashtags do not increase Twitter engagement." The report includes analytics and clear charts that reveal the truth behind the #hashtag myth. 

I know what you're thinking, "Well then, you're not using enough #hashtags!". At Leverage Unlimited our research indicates more #hashtags lead to less engagement. If prospect engagement is your online goal, here are some effective tactics and strategies you can use immediately to let go of #hashtabs and embrace effective engagement.

The Ultimate Question, "What's Next?"

If all the other kids jumped off a bridge, would you follow them? Hashtags are used because "Everyone's doing it!" Try this instead. Craft a social post your audience is compelled to share. It should be about all the good things happening at your firm, not how good you are. It must be authentic and ring true. Before posting, ask yourself, "What's next?" to help you guide your audience along the path of engagement directly to your cash register. 

The Problem with Hashtags - The Power of Links

Hashtags lead prospects to explore everything ever published about the topic. Instead of a hashtag, provide your audience with a link to a page you control. Why would you want to send leads away instead of bringing them close?

Visuals - The Speedbumps of Social Feeds

How many social posts do you see in 24 hours? The not so funny answer is, "too many". How many were memorable? Chances are, your remember the ones with an interesting visual, either a photo or video. Use the photos you've captured to capture the interest of your audience.

You don't need a monthly $100 subscription to to measure audience engagement. In less than 90 seconds you can scan your page feed to determine which posts generated the most engagement. It starts with a conversation from audience comments, extends to shares. Which of your posts excelled in engagement? Now you have a model for success.