The Richard Hadden Effect

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In Brian De Haaff's Inc. Magazine article, 4 Ways Successful People Learn More, Brian, Founder and CEO of Aha! makes the case that life-long learners are more successful. Brian's first suggestion is to discover how you learn. While working with a client on Tuesday I experienced one of my most effective learning settings. It's the Brainstorm.

Richard Hadden and I were discussing the state of live video for professional speakers. Our debate centered on the virtues of Green Screen Technology. In my experience, most green screen video appears fake. The background images rarely agree with the foreground action. It looks fake!

I suggested Richard try the Facebook Live Video function. His obstacle? "My office is not ready for prime time" (see image above). What happened next was magic. I learned that kicking around an idea without setting limits often leads to extraordinary success. Here is our focus for today.

The Richard Hadden Effect

You've heard of the Ken Burns effect? The Filmmaker if famous for his historical documentaries, where he developed the ability to bring still photos to life. I suggested Richard shoot a still image in the Kuna Co-working conference room where we were meeting. He took it home, combined it with a previously recorded Green Screened clip, and created this proof of concept.

 I believe this idea will revolutionize the speaking industry. No more will we be asked to believe that Jeopardy staff are actually in Barbados with the wind in their hair. If you'd like to try this, send me an email and I'll share the steps.