What I am Most Grateful for Today

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Readers like you.

I am grateful for loyal readers like you who have been reading my posts for a number of years. Some for more than 10 years. Through the magic of web analytics, I get to see, learn from, and act upon how you interact with the Art of Digital Leverage. I can tell you which posts are popular, which resource gifts you consider most valuable, and which posts have become classics. Even with all of the data, the best I can do is tell you where we have been. It's a map of the past, not a compass pointing us toward the future.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. My hope is we will continue the journey. Can you help me with that? Is your technology working? Does it serve you, or the other way around? My technology coaching is based on your needs, (not the other way around).

Please tell me, which topics should I write about this Fall? I'm grateful to all my new subscribers. Thanks for checking out this blog. I hope you will find value here, enough to keep your attention for another 10-years. 

May your day be,
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