The Cost of Effective Customer Support

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Jailtime comes from the cover-up, rarely the crime. Customer service failures stem from the response, not the incident. Employing even a smidge of Emotional Intelligence (EI) would have saved United Airlines, not to mention their customer a whole lot of pain and suffering. The importance of customer service was driven home by Darren Bounds, Founder, and CEO of at a recent StartUpJax Meetup. As I understood it, a customer's UX [User eXperience] gets them to try your product or platform. their SX [Support eXperience] convinces them to become paying customers. 

I'm researching a brand new expert system platform. I had trouble completing a specific process. I submitted a support request. Here is their endearing reply:

"Hi Jerry, Thank you so much for your feedback. Oh dear, we didn't expect this to happen. This has not happened before. We're checking the app to see what's happening now. Meanwhile, if this issue is still happening, could you take a screenshot of where it's stuck? Thanks."

 Yes, that's what they said. Really. Here's what I heard: Gratitude, empathy, acceptance, responsibility, action, engagement. Priceless. Not only for brand building, but also for building the bottom line. United Airlines lost 1B in value in less than 24 hours.  

Digital Transformation - More Than Technology

The gap between established businesses and their digital replacements is more about mindset than technology. Digitally aware organizations leverage technology to deliver better experiences based on human metrics.

What quality of experience do your customers expect? It's worth a lot. In fact, it's priceless.