How E-Learning Delivers Competitive Advantage

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You have all the technology you need to make your business a success. All of us do, even your competitors. Especially your competitors. In 10 days you will hear the starters pistol for 2017. Will you be ready to leap forward or will your organization be caught flat-footed?

Winning the race called 2017 requires more than a toolbox full of technology. Success in 2017 requires all your talents and techniques. In their article, How to Improve Your Tech Marketing Videos With E-Learning Insights The folks at identify the critical steps required to train your team to get the most from your investment in digital technology.

I've training thousands of business professionals in diverse industries including banking, financial services, transportation, and healthcare. There is a constant thread running through all those sessions. Adults want to know, "How will this help me with my job."  Business leaders share team members focus on the bottom line. Feature-rich apps, cloud-based platforms, plus the need to connect the digital dots between functions demand more than a subscription to the $20 a month software club.

Training On-demand

A key finding from the article is, "The age of bite-size learning is upon us." As solution platforms gain complexity, software publishers have met the challenge by developing a toolbox of training and support features to help users master their tools. Instead of a printed manual, users are offered a buffet of learning options. Like any buffet, there are simply too many options. Users become overwhelmed. A properly trained team creates the competitive advantage organizations need for more sales. Here are some ideas you can put to use immediately to hit the ground running the first Monday in 2017.

A Leap in Digital Performance

The digital leverage produced by technology is both amazing and powerful. In untrained hands, typo-laden emails deliver a brand-killing message to thousands of inboxes in the blink of an eye. Don't let this happen to your organization. Do this instead:

  • With your computer turned off, make a list of the processes technology could help with. Pay particular attention to tasks that could profit from streamlining or automation. Just finished performing the same task three times this morning? Automating a task frees up the team member for what they do best, delivers better results, faster.
  • Create a second list of the tools in your digital toolbox. Don't forget the apps on your mobile device. When you get tired, stop. My experience tells me we have more technology than we know how to use or need. 
  • Pick one tool or App or platform. Create a third list of all the available learning resources the tool provides. Getting Starting guides, knowledgebase, video tutorials, webinars and support options.
  • Pick one process, one tool, and one training resource from your lists. Ready? Put the "bite-sized learning" process in motion. Invest your time in mastering this single process. Give yourself a badge, a metal or just a high-five.
  • Take what you learned from the process and pick a second then another until you've worked your way through all the process your company needs to create success.

Your Productivity Payoff

Complete these 5 simple steps and your productivity will soar, prospects will engage with your brand and that feeling of frustration and being overwhelmed by technology will soon become a dim memory.

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