Do Over

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Cute photo right? What if you had one of these Do Over cards in your purse or wallet? Every time you found yourself wishing for a second chance or an opportunity to do a better job or say the right thing, you could simply whip out your card and start over.

This is my 2017 present to you. I hope you understand, you don’t really need the card, you have to power within you to change course, apologize or just get up and start over. I’ve found the card is a great ice breaker, a conversation starter, a way to soothe the pain.

I got it at the cleaners. It’s the tag they use to tell the cleaning factory (?) to indicate that a garment needs a little more work. While I was there Ms. Ruth thanked me profusely for almost single-handedly keeping them in business this year.

So go ahead, click the image, print it out and stuff your very own Do-Over Card in your pocket. Use it like your AAA card to help get you out of a jam. Disclaimer: I don’t think it will help during a traffic Stop!