Disrupt or be Disrupted, Which Will You Choose?

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Someone, somewhere close by is hitting the reset button. It may be your best competitor, most loyal customer, or favoured vendor. Your competitor has watched the disruption in other industries and has vowed to leverage all their resources to maintain a competitive advantage. Your once loyal customer has chosen to embrace a new way of meeting their needs and wonders why you are not seeing the future. Your vendor is losing patience with your slow communications, decisions and payments. Don't look now, but you are being disrupted.

A report recently published at FastCompany.com titled, "Self-Disrupt, Or Get Left Behind" addresses one of the most important decisions you will make in 2018. Disrupt or be disrupted. Will you wait for the storm to hit, or will you start paddling really hard, right now? Movie industry disrupter MoviePass.com has transformed the, "Let's go to a movie" experience by delivering a 30-times increase in value all for the price of a $10 monthly subscription. They have combined a traditional customer loyalty model with the cost-sharing profit model of healthcare insurance. The entire system consists of an  App and debit card. it works, and moviegoers love it.

On the other hand, one theatre chain hates the idea. While most chains have signed on, AMC theatres not only said no, they said hell no.  A war has developed between the two companies, including threats of legal action. The bottom line is this, instead of accepting the increased traffic and sales, AMC has decided being disrupted by MoviePass makes more sense.

At any point in time, the movie theatre experts like AMC and others could have disrupted their business model and kept all the traffic and sales. Instead, the waited until MoviePass stuck it to them. I predict this will end badly for AMC, Just as it did for Kodak and Polaroid and hundreds of companies in industries including lodging, transportation, real estate, and healthcare. Companies, industries and even entire business sectors are sitting quietly with their heads in the sand hoping the disruptors will pass them by. The problem is, hope is not a strategy.

How to Become a Self-disruptor

  • Identify the early adopters. Look at each end of your industry, at the top organizations that have deep pockets, as well as the smaller, nimble operators who have nothing to lose. This is where disruption first appears.
  • Work with your industry's professional association. Chances are, they are receiving reports and intellegence from the field about how savvy operators are disrupting their traditional business model.
  • Assemble the A-Team. Traditional management theory is simply not up to this challenge. Assemble, train, and equip a special forces team with a special mission, disrupt your company to build something new.

I've lived on both coasts of the US. I've survived earthquakes and hurricanes. You can't prepare for an earthquake. On the other hand, hurricanes provide an early warning. A storm is heading your way. Don't wait until the rain starts.Take action now.  

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