Is Digital in Your DNA?

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I used to love Radio Shack. They had a repair facility that would fix broken technology. It died when replacing became cheaper that repairing. My affection switched to Sears Craftsman tools. Now that has also been replaced. So much is changing so fast.

It's the first thought that comes to mind when I'm asked to explain Digital Disruption. I say it's not about technology, but of course right at the beginning is the "D" word. It's no wonder we are all confused. Today I ran across what I hope is the perfect phrase to define the essence of the concept.

Digital DNA

It came to me by way of a Harvard Business Review IdeaCast with author Ray Wang, Making Sense of Digital Disruption. I've been told I should stop using the word disruption. I don't do it to scare people, but because it scares me. Transformation is much nicer.

However, the concept is still fuzzy. Wang goes further by defining the impact as a business model transformation in terms of how we operate and how we engage."

For established companies, the solution requires more than mobile devices or a new website or a social media strategy. To succeed in the future your organization must embrace a culture shift that goes all the way to your core digital DNA.

United Airlines had all the technology they needed, yet they failed to adapt their technology to meet the human need. Tools can help increase your speed, but transforming your business culture increases your revenue. 

Before you spend another dime on technology, buy Wang's book, Disrupting Digital Business

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