Beyond Business Performance to Digital Performance

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Do you know your sales from yesterday, this month, year to date? Of course you do. I'll bet you could quote the numbers for your team, provide a count of FTE's and last week's payroll. Everyone on your leadership team is constantly aware of business performance. Unfortunately, established businesses rarely have the same awareness of the firm's digital performance.

My research indicates that businesses who wish to compete in the coming years need to start now to achieve an awareness of the performance metrics of their online presence. Yesterday I met a client company that uses a web analytics platform to identify companies who visit their site. Not just user visits, companies. Yesterday we used it to uncover the possible theft of intellectual property under the guise of "content curation."  

More than Awareness, Intelligence

Is the social base growing or declining? Are they engaged? Who are your advocates, your influencers? How many prospects signed up for your newsletter this week? In our current market environment, your online presence serves as the first impression your prospects experience. Is your organization putting its best foot forward? 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs for business are well-known. Digital performance indicators are often unfamiliar. Business development now relies on the Internet to generate brand awareness, reputation, and lead generation. Sales force automation has surpassed online marketing as the engine for growth in both revenue and profit. 

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Your most valuable business assets in the digital age are the contact databases containing contacts, social followers, and newsletter subscribers. Focus on quality over quantity. Break down your lists into segments. The more you know about each segment, the better the quality of your conversations. Cultivate influencers, elevate loyal fans, keep frequent visitors close.

Same Thing, But Different

When your Career was bright, shiny, and new, you were forced to learn the language of business. Now it's time to learn a new language, with a new vocabulary. The language of digital performance.