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Vertical, The Future of Video?

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I would say it's a definite maybe. The folks at Curalate want us to stop turning our phones to landscape mode to shoot video. Think Snapchat or Instagram. Very edgy, cutting-edge before-its-time concept, I believe, way before it's time. In fact, I can prove it. Notice the image above? It's from the email I received from eMarketer. I visited the landing page displaying a clear vertical shaped cutout within a full-width landscape shaded area. I filled out the form, clicked the Download Now button and received... a pdf. The layout contained multiple columns that were anything but mobile responsive. 

What I learned

Vertical video may be the wave of the future, but for now, engagement will continue to be driven by viewer behavior. An awareness of future trends is important, but bottom-line results accrue from being present. Curalate used conventional landscape standards to engage me. I've included the link to the report, but I recommend taking a close look at how your customers use video content to engage with your brand before taking the vertical leap.

Vertical Video Guide

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