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Too Many Apps? How to put your phone on a diet

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Why not just kick the Apps we don't use to the curb? We promise ourselves, "Just one more." Soon we have so many it is impossible to let go. It's not easy to figure out which Apps are used the most or the least. In an article from USAToday, This is how to decide which Apps to delete from your phoneauthor Rob Pegoraro suggests three ways and two Apps you can use to figure out how to lighten up your App load. I know, yes there really is an App to help you choose which Apps to delete.

Moment for iPhone and QualityTime for Android track your usage or battery drain to give you a picture of how, when and why you use your phone. Read Rob's report to see if you're ready to invest the effort.  

 Focus - The Power of Personal Productivity

If you are starting to experience App bloat, take immediate action. Scroll to the last screen on your phone. This is where new Apps live. Delete any App you haven't used this year. Free or paid, you can always reinstall if you develop symptoms of withdrawal. Next, scroll to the first screen. Identify any App you haven't used since New Years. Drag it to the last screen. Repeat as necessary. Now you have room on screen one for the App you use daily but can't find because it's hiding somewhere in the middle.   

 Combine Rob's tips with my App shuffle and your phone will soon be slim and trim by Summer!


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