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Instant Revenue Boost

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Sales Slump? Not a prospect in sight? Here's how you can take steps immediately to boost your results.

Dig into your existing contact database. It could be someone who said no but really meant, "Not yet". It could be a client who slipped away while you were looking for fresh meat. You only need three things to make the connection: Who to call, their phone number, and a reason to start a conversation. I have two couples to congratulation this morning. One is having a baby; the other celebrated an anniversary yesterday.

Here are the steps to climb your stairway to revenue:

  • Scan your contact database for prospects or customers who could use a follow up contact. 
  • Make sure you have their current phone number handy.
  • Identify a reason to reach out. 

Use social listening to discover what's new with your contacts. I use for its ability to bring all the social feeds directly into the contact screen. 

Happy Hunting!


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