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Are You Ready for Your Live Video Closeup?

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A recent report from eMarketer, Four Key Things to Know About Digital Video Now, reported from 2009 to 2016 the number of scripted TV series grew from 210 to 455, a 116.7% increase. For me, what really jumped out was that Facebook Live video is growing even faster. 

Over the last year, I've shared how video has increased in importance. Today I've got a single tip you can use to increase your engagement with both your videos and blog posts.

Compose, and publish your blog post as you normally would. Copy the URL for the post. Launch Facebook and click the "Live" link. In the "Describe your video" box, type a headline then paste in the link. Launch your live video. Share with your audience why they should read your post. Keep it short and end with an invitation to your blog. Visit my Facebook profile, to see this tip in action


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