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Evernote, Leveraging the Power of Information

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Have you ever discovered something important on Facebook, forgot to make a note of it, then suffered the frustration of losing it to the feed?  If you have, you'll love Evernote. It's a cloud-based platform for capturing, storing and retrieving important information. It's a place to keep your stuff. 

Social media is great when used for discovery. However, it's a terrible place to try to store and make sense of what's happening. Evernote helps make sense of what's happening in your world, It's a virtual notebook. Although it's a simple concept of notes and notebooks, it's a challenge to implement. It would be great if you could see it in action, learn by example, watch an expert use Evernote to create value. You can. 

The folks at Evernote have once again captured all the notes from the annual SXSW Conference. The week-long event is too big, too broad, with too many moving parts to allow you to both experience and capture at the same time. Not to worry, Evernote has captured all the sessions for you.

If you use Evernote, visit the resource link below to access and download professional notes from the conference. If you want to check out this thing called Evernote, or have been thinking about acquiring the platform, this is a great way to see what it can do in the hands of experts.

This notebook is an amazing resource.There are separate notes for each presentation. Each note includes photos, charts,  a session summary, and links to related resources.  


Access the Evernote SXSW Notebook - Insights on the future of work.

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