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Too Much Email? What if You Had Too Little?

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The truth lies somewhere in between. It's like the weather. Everyone complains about it, but no one does anything about it. At least with email, the IT community is constantly searching for a solution. In a recent post from CMSWire, Email Isn't the Enemy, The Fight For Our Limited Attention Is author David Lavenda offers 7 tactics to deal with the challenge.

Let me round out David's list with 3 of my own.

Admit you have a problem

Not by complaining, but by acknowledging the challenge and committing to taking action toward a solution. My work requires me to gather information and intelligence on people, trends and tactics, both what's happening as well as what's next. Reading industry newsletters is important, but not urgent. My manual process includes opening each, then choosing to delete or delay reading by moving to a Newsletter folder. 

Unsubscribe With Prejudice 

I do not suffer time-wasting authors. I extend the 3 editions rule to anyone I invite to my inbox. If your newsletter is not a must open, you will be shown the door. Unsubscribe is not a trick to capture your email address. They already have it. Unsubscribe with abandon.

Make Reading a Ritual

Never open an email without having an exit strategy. Commit to taking action. Any action is better than closing the message and leaving it in your inbox. 

Let's start here. If you're reading this post as an email, consider this, does it create value for you? If not, please unsubscribe right now. I don't want to be that unwelcome guest you choose to hide from when I arrive at your door.

If this daily edition creates value for you, consider forwarding to an associate, as a gift. Don't forget to mention the subscribe now link below. See you tomorrow!

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