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Got Contacts? Here is What's Next

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It takes more than money in the bank to create prosperity. You have to spend it, invest it, spread it all around. The same is true of your contact database. Building a big database is impressive. It becomes valuable only once you start using it. Documenting phone calls by entering what you discussed, what was decided, what's next. Your database increases in value each time you tag a contact by their location, interests hobbies. 

In my experience, clients are reluctant to invest time adding contacts to their databases due to lack of perceived value. Don't blame your database. The yield you receive from your contact list comes from your ability to cultivate relationships through engagement.  Here are five actions you can take today to turn your contacts into gold. Each of them start with opening your contact list:

  • Scroll through your list until you find a former great client. Give them a call for no reason at all. Record what you discussed and more importantly, what you learned.
  • If your CRM platform allows, search for someone you have yet to engage, a contact with no record of interaction. Compose a reconnect email, introduce yourself, state why you are reaching out, invite them to reconnect.
  • Create value for those you serve best by Googling their topic of expertise. When you find a post of value, sent an email that includes the link. Document the link and schedule a follow-up call to confirm if it was helpful.
  • Share an attitude of gratitude moment with someone you know. Send a hand-written thank you card. Add an entry to document your action. For extra credit, snap a photo of the completed card and attach to their contact record.
  • If your CRM platform allows, search for local contacts and send them a personalized invitation for an after-work get together. 

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