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Email and Video Don't Mix

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Trends are easy to spot on arrival. It's the hoopla. Embedding videos in emails started just like that. Eventually, trends lose steam, fade away, but rarely go away. Thom Winninger showed this trend the door, "The video we supplied was not getting enough click throughs". Knowing when to let go takes experience. Online marketing has become a legend in its own mind.  I sat through a seminar this week where the presenter claimed 50% of people love to receive emails containing video. Is it time to let it go? Author Ezra Fishman asks, Should You Embed Video in Email?  I think it's a definite maybe. 

An even better first question is, what are you trying to accomplish? It is much too easy to get wrapped up in the content and forget why you adopted a trend in the first place. If you embed a link in your email that takes them to your site, you've met your goal. Ezra's post outlines how to make that happen. 

Online Marketing - Too Big for its Britches

The premise, "Everybody is doing it" is a trap. We read about a new online marketing trend, eagerly grasp it with a huge hope, and hold on for dear life. Thom stepped back, took the measure of embedded video and made a choice. Be like Thom. 

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