Your Date With Digital Disruption

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The signs pointing to digital disruption are all around us. Uber for ride-sharing. AirBnB for lodging. If you haven't seen it in your industry, Just wait, by 2020 your company will either be digitally enabled or it will be out of business. The auto industry is already feeling the effects. In the article from Auto Dealer Monthly titled, Dealership Disrupt, Zach Kempt makes the case for not waiting for disruption to find your business.  Zach identifies the challenge, "Three major technology-driven disruptions are impacting the modern auto retail operation: the introduction of competitive business models, an informed, mobile-connected car-buying public and new sales processes that rely on social selling skills."

In my experience, automotive sales representatives still cling to a, "On the Lot" mindset. They still believe a prospect arrives on the lot with absolutely no idea which models are in stock, your rock-bottom price and the history of a specific vehicle. It's really a simple fix that doesn't involve buying more "Cool" Technology. Here are three tips established dealerships can use to hit the ground running in 2017:

  • Fix your Photos - It's not enough to wash each vehicle and place them in perfect alignment. Prospects get their first impression of your inventory from the photos posted online.
  • Use Email to start a conversation - You can't sell a Ferrari on Twitter. Use email to listen to prospects instead of broadcasting. 
  • Use Social to tell your story - Enough of the Buy Now! hype. Use social to share the new customer story. Involved in your community? Let your prospects know why your dealership cares.

That New Car Smell

Your customer relationship is built on an emotional bond of trust. All industries will experience digital disruption. They key to your success in 2017 will be to self-disrupt your industry.

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