Daily Doesn't Do It

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This will be the last edition of the Digital Daily. 

Blogging fits under content marketing. Its purpose is to engage readers by building or maintaining a relationship. It's measured by the open rate. For Digital Daily it is more than triple the industry rate. I hold my publishing to a higher standard. I measure engagement. I ask, does it create value, does it create leverage? Digital Daily does not meet my standards. 


I'm often asked two questions about blogging: "How often should I publish a blog post?" and "How long should it be?" The answers have been the same since I started blogging a decade ago. Publish as frequently as people want to hear from you. Write only as much as they can comfortably read at that frequency. The other side of the equation is how frequently can you comfortably write articles of quality? And there's the rub. 

I can write daily, but I have to stretch to grasp ideas that create value. It's like watching CNN. During my 2 hour a day stint in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber as I recovered from a health issue, I was startled to learn CNN only had 15 minutes of news. Digital Daily started to feel like that. You deserve better. It's not honest. It's not me.

What's Next?

What is next always starts with what would be better. I believe it starts with more focus, more engagement, more awareness. After all these years, my goal for you remains the same. Whenever you finish reading something I've written or reflect on a take away from a coaching session or experience, or an "Aha" moment as you leave a presentation, I want you to have become the "Master of Your Digital Domain." Here are the three ways I intend to deliver on that goal.

The Art of Digital Leverage

I will continue my weekly newsletter on what's happening in the area of digital transformation published on Tuesdays at 10 AM Eastern. If it's not being delivered directly to your inbox, consider subscribing.

Digital Direct

Everyone says they are overwhelmed by technology. What if you are not? I've been informally sharing targeted, valuable content to individuals for years. It's time to make this legit. You can assist right now by replying with no more than three tech topics you'd like to learn more about. I promise I'll keep my eyes open for you. When I find something I think you need to know, I'll shoot you the link and include my two-cent's worth about why I think this is important to your success. Either hit reply or send me an email and share the three topics that interest you the most.  

Office Hours

The best method to leverage engagement is in person. Second best is live video. I invite you to join me at 3 pm Eastern each Thursday for an open discussion via live video. No appointment necessary. Just show up to ask a question, share what you know, or just to hang out and listen. If you are reading this as an email hit Reply to request a personal invitation or send me a message. I can't think of a better way to engage with you.


That's it. I hope this gives you one or more ideas on how I can help bring you success. Thanks for your support and may your day be, Just Another Day In Paradise!