Grow Customer Engagement by Connecting Your Digital Dots

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Many established businesses invest in technology tools without a thought to strategy. Engaging prospects requires more than a single marketing message. Trust is difficult to achieve in an era of fake news. In his article, Five Steps to Integrating Your Blog, Social Media, and Email Marketing, Author Joe Griffin offers 5 steps business professionals can use to create a Customer Journey that connects the digital dots.

It would be easy to discount the value Joe offers. It looks like more work. In fact, this strategy provides more value, with less effort. Connecting the digital dots between social, blog, and email takes less effort while delivering better results. It reduces the number of social posts while building engagement. It creates a path of engagement building toward trust.

My two cents worth:

  • Start with a whiteboard - you can't create a bold vision staring at the screen on your mobile device. 
  • You have everything you need - Dorothy wore the Ruby Slippers the entire journey to Oz. You have all the technology you need. What's missing is an engagement strategy to bring it all together. 
  • What's your Why? - Start with what you want to accomplish, instead of which tools you should use. 

Constant posting on social is an exercise it futility. The art of digital leverage starts with engagement. Building your customer journey starts with the question, "What's next?"