The Summer of CRM

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Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about what you did on your Summer vacation. Mine will forever be known as the Summer of CRM (Contact Relationship Management).

Each summer I conduct research on how to use business technology to leverage your revenue and profits. I chose to focus on CRMs because of the success we are having with a professional speaker client, Richard Hadden. It seemed that every business professional I spoke with this summer had the same question on their mind, "How do I tap into the group of former clients without my message sounding like a pitch?" Everyone agreed they had buried treasure in their CRM, but they weren't sure how to find it or what to do with it when they did.

There is a classic strategy that resolves this dilemma, it's called the Art of the Reconnect. All you need is an email containing three pieces of information,

  1. Who you are.
  2. How you met.
  3. What you want your former client to do.

These are the answers to the questions your former client will ask when they open your email. Who is this person? How do I know them? What do they want? If you can jog their memory, and your "ask" is small, your chance of success is high. The ask is essential. It gives them an opportunity to take action.

If you are rested and ready to get back to work, here are simple steps to mine gold from your CRM.

  1. Create a segment within your CRM. My friend, Executive Coach Doug Wilder calls his, "FHC (Former Happy Clients).
  2. Scan your contacts and add each of your FHCs to the segment (your platform may use "tags").
  3. Create an email template containing the basics of your message.
  4. Use the template to craft a custom message for each contact.
  5. Send and repeat.

Be prepared for the responses. Some will be joyful, some will contain requests you can respond to immediately. Some contacts will not respond. Accept them all.

I hope your Summer was grand. What I am most excited about is the rest of the year ahead. 


A Gift for You

I've created a cheat sheet for the Art of the Reconnect. I hope you like it. If you do, I'd love to hear what you liked best.