Choosing the Right Tool

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 Early next week in the blink of an eye your living room will go from a vision of sugarplums dancing in their heads to a total disaster of wrapping paper and empty boxes. Once you clean up that mess, it would be the perfect time to address your digital mess. We are talking about your collection of unused apps and desktop icons that you’ve collected over the years.

We have all the technology we need. The challenge is we load up our devices then waste time looking for the right one. A perfect first New Year resolution could be Sean Winter’s article in Declutter Your Digital Workspace. Here at Leverage Unlimited, every client engagement starts with a detailed inventory and analysis of the firm's digital tools. We focus on creating a custom toolbox for each client.

Here’s some ideas you can use to lose  10 ugly pounds of digital fat just in time for the New Year.

  • What’s in your toolbox? Survey the Apps on your phone. Delete the ones you no longer use. If you just can’t let them go, at least move them to the back. While you’re at the last screen, look for Apps that need to be moved up to the front. I bet you feel lighter already.
  • Unsubscribe from the $20 a month Software Club. Scan your bank statement to identify software subscriptions you no longer use. Close the accounts. 
  • Acquire the right tools. Now that you’ve dropped all that ugly digital fat, consider investing in the right tools to help you increase productivity and profits in 2018. Start with tasks. What do you need to do? Look for the best technology for your organization and workspace.

I can’t wait to see the new you in the New Year. Happy Holidays and may every day of 2018 be Just Another Day In Paradise!