How to Become Bold City's Best

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Are you Jacksonville's best? This year's BoldCityBest contest is an opportunity to claim bragging rights for your business. You could invest in the Times-Union advertising campaign package. At Leverage Unlimited we believe a better and cheaper solution is to use the tools and resources you already have to secure a nomination this week.

Your challenge is how to connect with your best fans, give them a quick and easy way to nominate you, then tell all their friends to do the same. Easy! Here's how.

Find Your Fans

Instead of advertising to everyone you don't know, start with your best fans. You know who they are. They follow you on social media, read your newsletter; they are right there in your contact database. Make a short list of all those channels you could use to ask for their help.

Find the Shortest Path would prefer you send your fans to their big list. Instead, give your fans a direct link that leads to your category. Use the list below to identify the shortest path to a successful nomination. 

Do It Now

The race goes to the swiftest. And the persistent. You only have about a week to secure your nomination. Post an update on social media today, tomorrow, and the day after. Today's message is, "We need your help!" Tomorrow it's, "Thanks for your help!" Next is, "We are so close!" You are not bugging them; you're giving them an update of your progress. If you respect your fans, your last message will be, "We Made the List!"

What Is Next

Once you've shown your fans the way to a successful nomination, it is a short hop to sharing your invitation with their community. Frances Fisher invited her community to nominate a company she is familiar with, RuffRubs. It is the best use of earned marketing media.

The Very Best Media

There are three kinds of media you can use to promote your business. The value of each varies. Let's start with the least effective.

Paid Media - Traditional advertising is no longer king. It is expensive and is targeted to those who know and trust you the least. The cost is high and the results are small. 

Owned Media - Your social platform, website, and blog are totally under your control. You get to target your audience and tell your own story.

Earned Media - Your raving fans are your best resource to gain new fans. It has the highest trust factor and provides the most personalized invitation.    

 For Extra Credit

Consider a short video to invite your fans to nominate your firm. Think of how you would ask a friend for help. Yes, it's that easy.

Brand Reputation Strategy

The tips above come from our brand reputation playbook. At Leverage Unlimited, we believe every business needs a consistent Brand Strategy. Call Jerry at 904-566-8325 with your questions about building a profitable brand. 

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