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What's Your 2020 Vision?

Thu, January 02, 2020 6:00 AM | Jerry Gitchel (Administrator)

What I am most excited about today.

Your vision.

Specifically, your 2020 vision. Not your eyesight, I'm talking about your vision for the coming year. Summer is over with many fond memories, but only in your rearview mirror. It's time to turn your gaze to the road ahead, and where you want to be as we ring in the new year. In the last 30 days, a number of my clients have shared new ideas for products and services they intend to roll out as we say goodbye to 2019. The ideas are all new. However, the audience is not. They intend to reconnect with their former clients.

What I find most interesting is these new offerings are not going to their entire roster, but only to those clients they serve best. As a group, they are larger, more successful, and most importantly, loyal. So my question for you this week is this. What effect would it have on your business if you had not one, but a handful of the very best clients you have ever worked with? What if you could share what is new, with only those clients who are tried and true?

The Art of The Reconnect

Have you ever thought about the one that got away? The client you worked with so well that you almost knew what they were thinking before they asked for your help? What effect would it have on your business, your revenue, and your bottom line if you worked with them again? And not just one, what if you had a half dozen of them? If you long to return to a time when your business was thriving, everything was working, everyone was smiling, here's how to execute the Art of the Reconnect.

Start with a blank sheet of copy paper. Write today's date in the top corner. Across the top, centered and in big bold lettering write, The Client I Serve Best. Write their name below the title and add all the reasons they were the best. Financial, relationship, collaboration, innovation, everything about them that made them your perfect client. Congratulations, you now have a template of your very best client. It's time to go and find some more.

Using your best client template as a checklist, search online for those who fit your profile. Depending on your industry and business model, you may find a handful or an entire community. Add the top candidates to your CRM (Contact Relationship Management) platform. Start by gathering who they are, and most importantly, what they need. All you need are three things. Who to contact, their contact information, a few questions to ask. 

The questions come from your research. In my experience, my clients already know the biggest challenges facing their clients. It's simply a question as to which challenge keeps your prospect awake at night. Gather your research, formulate your questions, and consider how you would go about solving their challenge. 

Make the Call

Don't even think of sending an email. And don't expect to connect live with your prospect. Compose three, thirty-second messages you can leave as voicemails. There are plenty of sales prospecting guides that outline the perfect message. For my clients, it was as simple as sharing those new ideas, insights and inspirations I told you about at the beginning. They started with a list of former clients, then connected with them to share what was new. All you need is three calls a day, everyday, for 30 days. Ninety contacts in one month. How hard can it be? 

"Inch by Inch, Life is a Cinch" - Jerry Gitchel

Tracking Prospects - Creating Your 2020 Vision

I use a CRM that allows me to identify the right prospects so I can send the right message at the right time. On Wednesday, January 15th, I'm conducting a Lunch-n-Learn called, The Art of Digital Leverage. Visit the Events page to learn more about how you can sharpen your 2020 vision. It's free, seating is limited. Reserve your seat now.

The Art of Digital Leverage
Wed. January 15th
11:45 1:00 pm

Athens Cafe
6271 St Augustine Rd #7
Jacksonville, Florida 32217

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