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Get On Board the CRM Train

Fri, January 17, 2020 6:00 AM | Jerry Gitchel (Administrator)

How to make sure your CRM Onboarding attempt doesn't end up becoming a Train Wreck.

According to a study by C5 Insight over 30% of CRM onboarding projects fail. In their report, CPR for CRM: The Elusive Path to Profitable Customer Relationship Management, the researchers were surprised to learn that 2nd and 3rd-time implementations fail at nearly the same rate. What's most remarkable is that this statistic has not changed in the 5-years since this report was published. What I find astounding, is that organizations continue to pay subscription fees for software platforms that don't work and cripple their team's productivity. It is a real train wreck. If you are responsible for the sales performance of your organization, there is a solution, onboarding.

CRM Onboarding

Onboarding is nothing more than getting started on the right foot with your new Contact Relationship Management (CRM) platform. While the process works best when launching a new platform, here at Leverage Unlimited our experience indicates an onboarding project can be effective no matter how long your platform has been in operation. According to the C5 Insight report, "Many businesses fall into the trap of believing the marketing hype about CRM – that choosing the right technology alone will alleviate the risk of failure." If you are a business professional who wants a CRM platform that works, here are some ideas you can use to create immediate success.

Tools, Techniques, Talents

If Onboarding is the vehicle, then tools, techniques, and talents are the path to success. Organizations often get tired or run out of money once they have acquired a CRM platform (Tools). You have to keep going. Techniques are the written procedures and the path of engagement organizations use to move the sales process forward. Here are some ideas you can use to get on board the CRM success train.

Tool Configuration - Modern CRM platforms use the leverage of the cloud to connect the digital dots between systems. Start by completing your CRM platform configuration process. Focus on connecting your CRM with your existing calendar and communications accounts.

Sales Technique - Put down on paper the process your team uses to generate new sales. Use the list to identify which of the top features of your CRM are most critical to your immediate success. Prioritize and pursue a process to bring on board only the top three features you find most valuable. If you prospect by email, focus on connecting email accounts and creating email templates your team can put to use immediately. In most CRM Platforms "feature abundance" is the enemy. Avoid the temptation to put all the features of your platform into play at once.

Develop Talent -  Accept that during the onboarding process, productivity will suffer. Deal with it. Most importantly, help your team deal with it. Once you have the right tools in place and you have a process and an onboarding plan, use it to develop the skills of your team. Allow them to focus on learning how the functions that make them successful. They won't let you down, I promise.

Celebrate Success

Change requires sacrifice, sometimes even failure. Increasing the velocity of your onboarding effort starts with creating momentum. Celebrating success however small pulls your team forward. It eliminates the need to get out and push the train down the track.       

I do CRM

Here at CRM Success Club, I have the experience and expertise to make your CRM onboarding a success. Call Jerry at 904-566-8325 to tell us how we can be of service. 

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