5 Essential Technologies Every Business Needs

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 The idea that your business success depends on buying more technology is a myth. You have suspected it for a long time. The truth is your business can profit from a digital transformation. If you are a business leader who wants to gain an ROI from your technology investment, you'll be surprised to learn it's easier than you think. All you need are 5 essential technologies

Technology, What is it good for?

Each of the five essentials creates value for your organization by extending your reach, bringing prospects closer, increasing your speed of execution, or reducing expenses. As you consider each of the following technologies, make sure your decisions are grounded in where they create value.

Social Media

It's not about pictures of what you had for dinner, it's all about discovery. The first step to transforming prospects into loyal customers is helping them discover your organization. There is only one tool that deserves your attention and investment. It's the social platform your customers use.  Not sure? Ask them. All you have to do is show up and execute two essential techniques; engage in conversations that replace shouting with listening, master the art of the written invitation. All your social media invitation requires is colorful visuals, details about who, what and why, and clear directions in the form of a link to learn more about your organization.

Content Marketing

If you use social media to invite prospects to your party, make sure it's memorable. Their first impression is critical to the decision to stay or leave. The best technique to build the relationship is to create a landing page. Think of it as a VIP entrance to your world. The best tool for this assignment is a blog. The content changes frequently and provides prospects with a sense of urgency. The key here is to provide information that answers a prospect's needs. Jot down a list of the questions customers ask, like, "What are your hours?" Where are you located?" or "Do you have this in stock?" are examples of content you can use to build trust.

Sales Automation

At no time in history have so many, had such vast access to so much information about everyone on the planet. Yet we squander this fortune when we craft emails addressed to, "Dear valued customer." The traditional sales funnel has been replaced by the virtual sales pipeline. The customer journey starts long before prospects become customers. A Contact Relationship Management system is the perfect tool to document where your prospects are in your sales process. More importantly, it transforms data into actionable information.  

Customer Service

User experience (UX) attracts customers. Support experience, (SX) converts them into raving fans. Take a good look at any of the major Internet platforms and you will see a robust, valuable customer service and support strategy. When the student community for a client's learning management system designed for 1,000 students exploded to 22,000 students, we build a support platform. Once you have customers, what will you do to keep them?

Brand Reputation

In the age of Twitter, your good name is a fragile commodity. A social monitoring tool is the first step. Training your team to respond when things go wrong is a talent development imperitive. Having a disaster recovery plan is the best technique to guarantee your organization will not only survive but thrive.

Connecting your digital dots is the ultimate goal. The first step is to pick one of the 5 essentials. Focus in one area then move to the next. Before you know it, you will have become the master of your digital domain!