10 Tips For Growing Your Membership

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Everybody talks about increasing the membership of their organization. For those tasked with growing and sustaining membership, less talk and more action is the path to keeping an organization in good health. I've experienced the immediate hard-sell: "You should join" or "You really need to be a member" approach, often as a guest during my first visit. I've found it is often the end of the membership campaign. Rarely do I receive a message afterward thanking me for my attendance, or an invitation to return.    

Perhaps they don't want me to return However, I find I'm warmly received upon my return the following month. It would be easy to blame digital disruption for the decline in membership. May I suggest an alternative? Consider applying a bit of digital leverage instead.

Grow Your Membership

Why do people join? To belong, to contribute, to be part of a tribe. Here are some ideas you can use today to grow your membership. 

Add HSP to Your Event Announcement

HSP? Happy Smiling People. Important questions guests ask before choosing to attend your event include; Will it be fun? Will I receive value? Will I feel welcome? Posting photos answers these questions. 

Share the Anticipation

Invite your members to share the event announcement with their associates via social media. This is the perfect opportunity for members to reach out and invite a guest.

Acknowledge Guests as They Arrive

A personal welcome and acknowledgment is appropriate. Making them stand so the members can gawk at them is not. If guest registration differs from the member rate, congratulations! You've just identified a prospective member. Welcome them warmly, but hold the pitch. 

Create a Sense of Immediacy 

Publish an event photo to social media during the event. And a single photo creates more impact than a gallery. 

Spread the Word

Have those in attendance share the social media post. As they share the event with their community, invite them to add what they learned. It's a great incentive to boost attendance from their associates.

Gracious Follow Up

Sending a follow-up email from an individual on the membership team is the best way to ensure guests will return next month.

Brand Ambassadors 

Develop a cadre of ambassadors who can act as mentors to shepherd prospects towards membership.

Engage Through Involvement

When appropriate, enlist prospects to work with your committees based on their talents and skills. The strength of an organization lies with the value prospective members bring to the table.

Each one Reach One

Packing the room at your next event is the responsibility of the members, not the Program or Membership Chair. Inviting prospects is the sincerest form of flattery.

Have Fun

Make time to have fun at your events and watch your membership grow.