At the dawn of digital computing, technology made a promise. All you had to do was invest in a computer, then a faster computer, or the latest software version, simply because it was "cool". If you made the investment, the tech marketers assured you that you would see a substantial return on your investment. It didn't take long before you realized the greater the investment, the smaller the ROI.  

Technology has failed to deliver on its promise.

You've received higher expenses, instead of returns. The marketers are gone, and so are your customers. 
It's all so overwhelming, so frustrating. You’d love to pitch all of it out the window, from an upper floor no less. That’s not going to work. After all these years, and all the promises you’ve come to the realization that the Internet is not a fad. It’s here to stay and you are going to have to deal with it.

The Better Client Engagement Challenge

Before you spend another dime on technology, consider this.
What if you had both a process and a plan to help make sense of your organization’s technology?
How much could your company grow if you not only had the right tools, but your team knew how to use them? 
What if you had a checklist of what's working, what's not and what to do about it?
Better Client Engagement is a step by step process that delivers a road map your company can use to find your spot on the digital map, set you on the right course and learn what you need to get there. Taking the challenge is the smartest first step to moving your organization from digitally challenged to digitally enabled.
It's focused, effective and fast. Here’s what you get. 

A Road Map

  • Tech Tool Inventory - What are you paying for? What do you really need? Where can we cut your expenses? 
    What you get: an itemized list of current tools and costs, with recommendations on what to toss, what to keep, what's missing and how to save both time and money by acquiring the right tools.
    Area of Focus:
    • Social Media - Identifying the single platform your clients use to discover your company.
    • Website - Is it performing? Is it time for a makeover?
    • Sales Force Automation - Are your road warriors armed and trained?

  • Talent Survey - Is your team trained to get the most value from your technology investment? It can be as simple as learning the shortcuts experts use to save time and effort. 
    What you get:
    • Skills gap report - Identify opportunities for an immediate increase in productivity.
    • Training Resources Tool - Free training resources available for all the technology you own, on-demand. 
      Area of Focus: What needs to be learned and how quickly can it be done.

  • Techniques - Your team doesn’t have time to read the manual. What they need are simple checklists on how to complete the processes your organization uses to get things done.
    What you get:
    • Our Customer Journey Tool - 
      Area of Focus: Aligning business performance with digital performance.

  • Automation Opportunities - Eliminating repetitive manual processes is where technology creates the most value.  Automation is the key to getting more done, in less time.
    What you get: a list of the top 5 opportunities for automating your business processes.
    Area of Focus:
    • Effective networking - What to do with that stack of business cards 
    • Lead Nurturing - Building relationships online takes more time. Automation ensures it takes less effort.

Clients often discover technology they can eliminate to cover the cost of the service.